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Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame

Listen to the entire new Dr. Dog album, Shame, Shame, in its entirety before it comes out below:


BRMC at First Ave

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (still one of my favorite band names behind Captured By Robots) graced the stage at First Ave again in support of their newly released album Beat The Devil's Tattoo. I missed most of the openers Band Of Skulls set, but did manage to catch their ferocious drum solo at the end. From what I have heard of the band, they have somewhat of a generic garage rock sound, but the crowd really seemed into them and got everyone amped for BRMC, so no complaints here.

BRMC hit the stage after a short set change and broke the mold of bands opening with the lead track or lead single off their new album and started the slow and pounding War Machine. It definitely seemed to catch the crowd by surprise, as nobody really knew how to react after the initial thrill of seeing the band on stage. After playing another new one, they reached back and pulled some of their older tunes - Red Eyes of Tears and Love Burns. By now they had established that their light show wasn't messing around, mixing hazy red light for the slow burners and seizure inducing strobe lights for the rockers.

Overall it was another stellar performance from a great live band. It took them awhile to get into anything from Howl, arguably their best album, but they eventually tempered my concern by playing Ain't No Easy Way and then later on Shuffle Your Feet. Other favorites were the classic Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N Roll, Weapon Of Choice, and new favorite Aya. Also notable was Robert Turner's solo cover of Bob Dylan's Visions Of Johanna, in which he sat cross legged by himself on stage. At one point he looked up at the crowd and laughed because of various people in the crowd holding up their lighters. The symbol really seems to have lost its meaning from over exposure, and it seemed Robert felt the same way because he let out a laugh when he saw it. They closed up their encore with a duet between Robert and lead guitarist Peter Hayes doing a slowed down version of another favorite from Howl Open Invitiation. It's hard to imagine that already slow song slowed down even more, but they did it with green lazer lights shooting out into the crowd.

When Robert left the stage he said he would see us all again soon. I hope he meant it. Check out pictures from the show below.


The Doctor Is In

Dr. Dog has a new album coming out soon called Shame, Shame. They have decided to share with us one of the songs from the fruits of their labor, called Shadow People. Click the link below to be directed to, where you can listen to it.

Dr. Dog - "Shadow People" (Stereogum Premiere) - MP3 - Stereogum

If you haven't listen to or seen Dr. Dog live, I highly recommend it. Their blend of Beatles and Beach Boys like harmonizing and pop sensibilities, not to mention the truly upbeat feel of their music make them a perfect remedy for the winter blues, as well as the theme to your summer. They have a show coming up at The Fine Line Line on April 17th. It will be a party. I will be there. Will you?


Fist fight in the parking lot

One of the better last skits of the show from SNL I have seen in a while. SNL should issue the right to this song to some actual hardcore band:


A Chicken Walks Into A Bar...



You can stream the entire new Spoon album, Transference, below. The new album doesn't come out until January 19th.

The band also just announced two shows at First Ave on April 2nd and 3rd with Deerhunter and Micachu & The Shapes opening. Rejoice!



La Bodega has expanded beyond concert and music reviews, especially now that Quinn is around. He is almost two weeks old now, so I thought I would post some pictures that I have taken since we have been home from the hospital.