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Recent Shows - Ween and Annuals

I know what you are thinking... How can he lump two show reviews into one post, especially when one of those shows is Ween? The simple fact is that I am lazy, but feel both of these shows need mention. So shall we?

The Ween show was in Madison, WI at the Orpheum Theater. Another seated venue for Ween, sigh. This actually ended up being a much more entertaining show then the previous Ween show I attended at the State Theater here in Minn. As usual, Ween mixed up their set with songs from every full length release. Even Gabrielle from Shinola got a play. Favorites of the evening included Buckingham Green, Touch My Tooter, and the amazing show finale Blarney Stone. Being that this show was a mere four days before the release of their brand new album La Cucaracha, I was expecting a number of new songs. Unfortunately we were only treated to four new tunes, two of which were very mellow (Spirit Walker and Piece of Meat), and one of which, as fun as it is, is essentially an intro track to the album (Fiesta). Overall, the band was much more in tune then they were last summer. BTW, I have since picked up their new album. I highly recommend it.

Just yesterday evening I also had a chance to see Annuals play at the Varsity Theater. This turned out to a really great performance. Their isn't too much I can really say about the performance other than that the band is extremely tight for being so young and early in their career. Highlight of the evening was definitely when members of the opening band as well as co-headliners Manchester Orchestra (which I did not hang around for) joined them on stage for the rawkus opener of their album - Brother. 12 or so members on stage, most of them banging on drums and singing along. I recommend checking these guys out in concert if you get the chance. I'm already anticipating their return to the Twin Cities.