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Fiona Apple and Daimen Rice (Kally posting–not Ryan)

The curtain has been torn away to reveal the old man with the buttons and cranks. Fiona Apple is not a good and passionate musician. She's an anorexic crackhead that got lucky with an original sound that isn't that original anymore. At one point of the concert, she hid behind the piano. Another time, she was yelling and screaming the words, but not into the mic. Nope, she was throwing that about with her toothpick arms clutching it while hitting herself and slapping her head. The only songs that I enjoyed (I was hoping for O Sailor) were from the Extraoridnary Machine album, which she didn't sing as though reading a cue card.

Damien Rice was sub-par only because he was catering to such a vast audience. when he offered to play his newer songs, everyone yelled "Blower's Daughter" and after a coin flip, it was won in their favor. My friend and I had a chance to talk to him before the concert, but we weren't sure if it was him. Little guy. 5'4" maybe? he was out enjoying a cigarette with the drummer Earl.

Needless to say I will NOT be spending more than $30 on a concert unless guranteed a good time. My best concert ever? $10 Arcade Fire concert, with a Constantines show as a close runner up.