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The Boy Least Likely To - 6/8/06 - Varsity Theater

I had won tickets to see The Boy Least Likely To thanks to the Onion. Probably not a show I would have paid to see, but being that it was free, and I did not have to get up for work the next morning, and it was at the Varsity Theater (which is becoming my favorite Minneapolis venue) we decided to check it out. Openers The Bicycles played songs in the same vein as TBLLT - playful catchy pop songs. They played for about 25 minutes. One song to remember was called Cuddley Toy. I believe you can DL it from their site. It is worth checking out.

The Boy Least Likely To then took the stage with a surprising large backdrop of the CD cover behind them. They played most everything from their only release "The Best Party Ever." While the show might not have have lived up to the title, it was better than most college parties I attended; they even did a faithful (ahem) cover of Faith by George Michael. They rolled on for about 45 min, and instead of leaving the stage and hope the audience would clap and cheer enough to warrent an encore, they simply stayed and declared the next couple songs to be their encore. I loved this tactic, as it reminded me of a Melvins show I attended in which the band simply stayed motionless on stage for 10 minutes while the crowd yelled for more. Anyway, the played a couple acoustic numbers and ended with the only song they could have, the ridiculously catchy Be Gentle With Me. The song was definitely the highlight of the night as the crowd sung along while bubbles were shot into the air giving the moment an almost euphoric feeling. All in all, it was a fun show and worth the free tickets.


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