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Phoenix - 7/24/06 - Fine Line

A bunch of us scored free tickets to see Phoenix at the Fine Line. While I am not a huge fan of The Fine Line, I am a fan of free tickets to see a fun band. What made the show really enticing is that I had read that The French Kicks were opening, which would have been a really fun double bill. To our disappointment, it was not the French Kicks opening, but The M's. The M's set was fairly short, and frankly fairly uninteresting. Phoenix took the stage after a short set change and opened with the opening track "Napoleon Says" off their new album. While the new album is a slight departure from the slick, dancey jams from their previous two releases, the new songs translated well live. Rollicking tunes like said opening songs, "Consolation Prizes," "Long Distance Call," and Second To None" were peppered throughout the set. Mixed in were fantastic picks from the previous two album such as the smooth "Run Run Run" and "Everything is Everything" from Alphabetical. Highlights on the night included a smashing version of their most rocking song "I'm an Actor" in which their drummer (the French Fabio sporting the flowing locks and poofy shirt buttoned down mid chest) beat his drums like an unwanted step-child. They did not pull any surprises in the encore as they came out with the neo-disco song "Too Young" from debut album United, probably their most popular song. Weird moment of the night was when they played the electronic mashup portion of "Funky Squaredance" from United. I surely recommend seeing Phoenix if you are at all a fan of the album. Very enjoyable live performance.


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