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Sigur Ros - Orpheum Theater - 9/25/08

Having seen Sigur Ros two times already in the past 2 or 3 years, you always expect the next show to be somewhat of a let down. This band does not let down. Every time I have seen them, their songs are always so full of emotion and authenticity, that it is impossible not to get wrapped up in their performance. This show was no exception. Stripped down a bit with their new album, this performance did not have the back up string section Amina that they've brought on tour with them the last two times they came around. This gave their set a somewhat more intimate appeal. Set highlights included the English sung "All Alright, "Festival," and the ridiculously titled "Gobbledigook" all from the new album. The band took a page from the Flaming Lips guide to live shows for the ladder of the three. Confetti was shot out of large cannons from each side of the stage, showering the audience while they all stood and clapped in unison, guided along by the lead singer from the band. The set closed with the final track from their Untitled album, just as their past two Minneapolis shows did. You will hear no complaints from me on this, as this song is without a doubt their most powerful song. Check out pictures from the show below.


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