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Ween - Roy Wilkins Auditorium - 7/19/08

Back in action baby! So Ween recently played in the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul and of course I was in attendance. The show was classic Ween - a great set list with a wide variety of old and new. I've read repeatedly that the Twin Cities is one of the favorite places for the guys to play, so I'd like to think they give a little extra effort when they play here. The venue was a more appropriate for the Oneness than the State Theater, which is where they played the last time they were here.

Some highlights for me were hearing Woman and Man from the new album. Unfortunately we did not get the intro from the album version of the song and they kicked right into the rocking part of the song. Voodoo Lady is always great to hear. Nan was just friggin hilarious to watch them play (apparently this was a special request by Deaner). I've never heard them play Stroker Ace, which is definitely one of their most rocking/metalhead songs. The Ace of Spades cover was great with Dave on lead vocals. The Mollusk, which is a staple of every Ween performance I've seen, was especially enjoyable this time. Gener repeated each line of the soliloquy about a dozen times using the megaphone. And finally, during the second encore (it seemed the crowd nor Ween ever wanted to leave, which was OK by me) Deaner jammed on drums and Claude and guitar for some time, with serious sludge rock/Melvins undertones.

Check the pictures below, but see them live next time you have the chance. I promise you, you will be an instant fan.


Porkroll Egg & Cheese
Spinal Meningitis
Golden Eel
Happy Colored Marbles
Piss Up a Rope
Learnin to Love
Take Me Away
The Grobe
Even if You Don't
Voodoo Lady
Yer Party
Buckingham Green
Back to Basom
Bananas and Blow
My Own Bare Hands
Woman and Man (sans intro)
Waving My Dick in the Wind
Stroker Ace
Dr. Rock
The Mollusk

Final Alarm (?)
Goin Gets Tough
The Blarney Stone
Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover)
Can't Put My Finger On It

(Encore 2)
You Fucked Up
Deaner and Claude Jam


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