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Imogen Heap–Kally

Ryan was done with concerts for the year, but I wasn't.

One of my cooler than cool friends had a connection, so we got into the concert for free. I was pretty excited to be going to a concert that was sold out for free.

We arrived at door opening. People were lined outside along First Ave like it was Prince himself performing a free show. We got inside and secured a spot audience right on the steps. That way we can see above everyone. We took in the decorations on the stage, and made small talk with other fans. Imogen Heap appeared on stage on time! She introduced both her guests, Levi Weaver and also Kid Byond. Weaver has a great singer/songwriter sound that Jaime and I both loved. Kid Beyond beat-boxes everything and loops it with pedals. Unreal. You have to see him in concert. Such a performer and knows how to get a crowd amped up. I did not opt to buy a Kid Beyond album, as that wouldn't do his actions justice. Plus, his lyrics were a bit 5th grade story book. Such songs as Mothership, and Wondering Star were great to see live, but to have captivated on a cd deems the purchase futile.

Imogen performed only one Frou Frou song, which I was happy about. I love her Speak For Yourself album, and wanted to hear Just for Now. Her performance started walking upstairs and singing with her headset and keyboard. The most notable portion of her show was when she thanked a doctor that she had given tix to because he gave her some tea, and antibiotics due to her strep-throat! Unbelievable. Strep throat and up there singing. She loved the audience and we were loving every minute she was on stage.

Numbers during the night incluced Headlock, Goodnight and Go, Loose Ends, Hide and Seek, and one from her debut cd, that I didn't identify, being that I haven't listened to that album. But shall now!


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