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A Silver Mt. Zion - 8/7/06 - Varsity Theater

Neo-political side project of Godspeed You Black Emperor members A Silver Mt. Zion entertained Minneapolis at the fantastic Varsity Theater. The perfect venue for such an occasion. We sat high about the crowd on the side of the Theater and had a perfect view of the stage. The band toook the stage and opened with one of the newer songs off of Horses in the Sky "God Bless Our Dead Marines." Efrim announced to the crowd that this was their 99th show together, but first widespread American tour. The band played very tight together in the intimate setting. At many times thoughout the set, they all stopped playing and harmonized together. Though none had fabulous voices, the sincerity in their voices was apparent and was felt thoughout the crowd. All was not hushed during the set though, as the band was full force during the opener and other selection from their catalog.

The bands encore consisted of them stating that they weren't going to go through the bullshit of leaving the stage, waiting 5 to 10 minutes while we all clapped until they came back to the stage. They simply stated that they would annouce when the last song of their "set" would be, and then the following would be the "encore." The last song of the set ran about 30 minutes long as the band fell into an spacey experimental noise-a-athon, "followed by the "encore." It was the perfect setting for an intimate band. While they were no Godspeed, they proved that they are not just a side project, but a more intimate interpretation of the music they like to play.


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