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Devotchka - 11/30/06 - First Ave.

Hey, I don't know about you, but how about First Ave stops controlling the indie music scene in the Twin Cities. Anyway, off we were to another show at First Ave, this time to see Devotchka. While I was excited to see Devotchka, the thought of dealing with ignorant concert goers at First Ave for another night did not enthuse me. We got there after My Brightest Diamond's opening set and just in time for Devotchka. While I cannot say I am am familiar with many of their song titles, most of the songs were familiar enough to where I could sing a long here and there.

While the music itself was good and all, it felt as though the live versions of the songs were missing the live music intensity. Most of the times, they would play through the songs with not too much extra effort, with the exceptions of the instrumental gypsy rock jams (for lack of a better description). I was eagerly anticicapting "How It Ends" from Little Miss Sunshine fame, and thankfully my anticipation was met. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, the song did not contain much kick, as the drums and guitar strummed seemed toned down. Musically, highlight of the evening was set closer "Such a Lovely Thing," which definitely contained the most on stage excitement from the band. Another noteable part of the evening was the surprise performances of two females hanging form the rafters doing acrobatic tricks on Tissue (sp?). Unfortunately the concert was somewhat of a disappointment, but it will not stop me from appreciating Devotchka's music all together.

That will do it for my concert going experiences for 2006, as I do not have any others scheduled to go to the rest of the year. See you next year (most likely at First Ave).


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