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Album Review: The Annuals - Be He Me

This album actually came out last year, with a little indie buzz, but did not get too much attention. I got ahold of this album early this year, and have listened over and over again and is one of my favorites at the moment. The band consists of 6 individuals, none over the age of 22. Much of the album consists of not so traditional upbeat pop songs in the likes of beach boys or the beatles, though not nearly as structural. Citing influences such as Mike Patton, Radiohead, and Bjork should give you some kind of idea that mainstream radio is not where this band intends to be. Opening track "Brother" starts out as a downtempo, quiet folk song with wavy electronics, before busting out into of it's shell and ends up being the most rocking track on the album. The Mike Patton influence shows during the latter portion of "Dry Clothes," harkening back to the sounds of Mr. Bungle. The band shows their jammy tendencies during "The Bull, and the Goat," though are careful to fall into a tradition jammy lull. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to miss what I have heard is their excellent and energetic live show due to weather restrictions, so I recommend you take advantage of the band while they are playing smaller clubs before the First Avenue's of the world get ahold of them.


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