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A New Day

It is a new day for everybody's favorite blog. No longer will La Bodega be confined to merely posting about concert reviews and the occasional album review. Truth is I don't go to as many concerts as I used to, and I have had an itch to start blogging about meaningless stuff that most people dont' care about. Come to think of it, the kind of things most people care about IS meaningless stuff, but I digress...

Anyway, I thought I would give this little blog of mine a fresh new start. Sure every now and then you might see a review of a show I went to recently, or an album I formed a mindless opinion about thanks to all the other reviews about that same album I will read. But you might also learn about what I had for dinner the night before, what some jackass did on the commute home from work, or what my much more successful siblings and wife are up to.

Additionally, with a fresh start comes a fresh new name. Expect La Bodega to have a smashing new name in the near future. Hell, I might even think of one tonight.

So there you have it. Spread the word. The blog formally known as La Bodega is hitting the town and is back in the game. Expect to see me wherever you go - in pop-up ads, on billboards, in TV commercials. I'm back baby, and I'm lovin' every minute of it!!


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